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Ride a horse and travel destinations in Puerto Escondido 2022? Horseback riding in Puerto Escondido Oaxaca, an amazing horse ride of a lifetime ! If you ever have the opportunity to travel to Mexico, you should definitely think about spending some days in the paradise of Puerto Escondido, in the state of Oaxaca. This small city on the pacific coast is well known for its waves that attract the best surfers from all over the world. Indeed, the famous surf spot of ‘Zicatela’, is one of the top 10 most challenging in the world. But Puerto Escondido is not just about surfing, the nature that surrounds this place is just amazing, and what could be better than watching it by taking a horseback riding trip ? Read extra info at horseback riding.

Ride a horse along a path by the corn river. On the way you will be surrounded with papaya trees, corn, peanuts, coconuts & many birds. You will cross two rivers, go through the jungle, to finally reach a small branch of the lagoon of Manialtepec, where you will be welcomed by locals that will help you cross the waters on their tiny boats. Our guides will take off the horses settles and guide them to cross the lagoon swimming, while you’ll be enjoying the show from the other side.

On this horse riding tour, you will embark on an amazing adventure between the village of Manialtepec, and the salvage beach of Puerto Suelo. After picking you up in front of your hotel or airbnb, we will have a thirty minutes bus ride to reach the village, where you’ll meet the horse owners, and start the adventure ! You will go through the jungle, two rivers, to finally reach a lagoon that you will cross by boat, while the horses are swimming behind. After crossing the lagoon, you will get back on the horses to enjoy an amazing horseback riding on the beach, all the way to a local restaurant where you will have a one hour break. After enjoying some drinks and some local Mexican seafood, you will ride back on the beach for sunset.

But Puerto Escondido doesn’t offer options for surfers only. It also has a wide variety of activities to offer that you can do during your vacations or days off. From quiet beaches, with calm waters for swimming, to long walks among its streets of abundant vegetation, or trails that border the sea. Horseback riding has been around since times that we can’t even calculate. It is an ancient tradition and has many health benefits. It involves moving in nature, being outdoors, tuning in to the animal’s times, observing the paths and surrendering to the proposed path.

This part is usually the most popular among the guests, as you will be living the dream of many people: riding a horse on an empty paradisiacal beach, enjoying one of the most beautiful sunsets. You will then cross the lagoon again, to ride back to the transportation until night. During your horse riding adventure, you will have the opportunity to see the Oaxacan wildlife: Horses, cows, donkeys, bulls, crocodiles, fireflies, butterflies, and many birds (parrots, pelicans, flamingos etc…). We will take videos and photos of the whole trip that will amaze your family and friends, to create memories that will last forever.

Horseback riding is an activity that involves the use of animals, so it is important to know that your guide is a responsible person and that there is no mistreatment of the animal. So now you know, if you visit Puerto Escondido and you like to get to know other less touristy spaces, enjoy exploring and activities that involve animals, you cannot miss taking the horseback ride to the Laguna de Manialtepec.

You can find multiple horseback riding suppliers in Puerto Escondido, from prices that can vary between 60 to 120 USD on average. On the cheapest ones, the service and security might be relatively poor, and the guides probably won’t speak english. We strongly recommend going with the most trusted ones, such as the one we recommend in the link below. This horseback riding service includes accredited guides, drinks, photos and videos, transportation, english / french / spanish speaking guides, and is known to be the best !

As romantic as its name indicates, horseback riding along the beaches of this paradise is an activity that will easily remain in the hearts of those who do it. Depending on the area you choose to make your pass, it will be the duration of the activity and its characteristics. In Puerto Escondido, there are different options that you can select, according to your tastes and interests. Here we tell you the main characteristics of each tour, so that when choosing, you can have all the relevant information.

Complete experience: visit the Manialtepec Lagoon and enter the mangroves to discover its flora and fauna. The horseback ride through the Manialtepec Lagoon lasts approximately 3 hours and includes going through different areas and ending up enjoying the sunset at the point where the lagoon meets the sea. Quite a breathtaking experience!

So, what are you waiting for ? Book your horseback riding tour in Puerto Escondido now and take part in the adventure of your life ! Discover extra information at