Gran Canaria Holidays | The Island That Has it All

Gran Canaria Holidays | The Island That Has it All

Gran Canaria holidays guarantee a mixture of fantastic weather, friendly locals and flavorful food and beverage.

The combination of hot and lesser-known beaches plus a small number of attractions make this Canary Island a no brainer when it comes to fun-filled family getaways.


Gran Canaria brings out all the stops when it comes to holding its yearly carnival.

Occurring in Parque de Santa Catalina, Las Palmas, the party continues for quite a few months, such as live music, fancy dress and a parade.

Gran Canaria Holidays

An yearly film festival also occurs in the Auditorio Alfredo Kraus at Las Palmas. It is held over 10 days and reveals over 100 movies including the acclaimed The Visit, The Vanished Dream, and also A Minute of Glory.


The cuisine of Gran Canaria is composed of fresh fish like seabass and sargos, fruit such as bananas and papayas and home-grown vegetables like Canarian potaoes.

Famous dishes include Sancocho, a sterile and salty fish shellfish served with sweet potatoes and truchas, a little pie flavoured with vanilla and cinnamon.

Whilst enjoying your Gran Canaria holidays, the choice of food on the island is definitely one of the highlights.


Plaza de Espana at Las Palmas is one of the most popular places.

The 18-30 crowd descend here as nightclubs, for example Tres x Uno stay open until the morning.

Resorts around the south of this island are as lively with hot resorts like Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles boasting countless bars, bars and nightclubs.


With over 60km of shoreline, Gran Canaria is almost composed of beaches.

The greatest and most famous of them is Maspalomas shore; its enormous size means that it rarely feels crowded.

Playa del Ingles beach can be especially popular, being 6km long and boasting serene water and enormous sand dunes and a perfect way to enjoy your Gran Canaria Holidays.

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