Maspalomas Beach

Maspalomas Beach

If you visit the Gran Canaria then a day out at Maspalomas Beach is a must!

With its white sand hugging the sea and dunes that are like a beach of their own, this beach should be high on the to do list!

One of the best things about the beach is that you have a choice from the 4 different sectors to set up base for the day.

The first sector is very family friendly and ideal for those with young children.

Maspalomas Beach

At the second and forth sectors, this is more popular with nudists.

Don’t be alarmed if you are new to this, it’s welcoming and friendly.

Over at the third sector you will find this part is popular with the LGBT community. And again, very friendly and welcoming.

What to Do at Playa de Maspalomas Beach

Being a beach, it is hot, spread across Maspalomas Beach you will find plenty of snack shops.

You can grab food and drink with litter bins provided for any waste.

If you are here sunbathing for the day it is recommended that you hire a parasol. (sunbeds can be hired as well)

This is due to the beach being so open and there are few places to find shade without packing up and heading off the beach.

For those that fancy a bit of exploring at the famous dunes, if you head towards the arch over at Avenida de Tirajana this will take you straight to them.

Popular with sunseekers, Playa de Maspalomas also has many water sport activities to take part in.

As you wander along the seafront you will see the various vendors and from here they will get you going.

At the far end of the beach are the camel rides.

This is a great family fun thing to do whilst here and don’t forget the camera for the stunning sights along the route.

On the main walking area you have a good selection of bars, cafes and restaurants.

Ideal for a bit of shade from the sun or a late lunch after a sunbathing session before heading to the hotel.

There are many beaches in Gran Canaria and just like Maspalomas, they are well cleaned and maintained for your enjoyment.

We do ask that if you have any rubbish to take it of the beach so we can keep it clean for everyone else to enjoy.