Mogan Gran Canaria (Puerto de Mogan)

Mogan Gran Canaria (Puerto de Mogan)

Also known as ‘Little Venice’, Mogan Gran Canaria is a very traditional and picturesque village located on the Southwest part of the Island.

Puerto de Mogan is not only popular for those here on holiday but is a great place to visit on a day trip. One of the highlights is the stunning marina area.

Surrounded with a good selection of restaurants, bars and cafes which are ideal for watching the world go by, a trip to Mogan is a well worthwhile experience.

Mogan Gran Canaria

As you wander around Puerto de Mogan you get that authentic Spanish feel to the place.

As you make your way up the the beautiful hillside you see the mix of modern villas, traditional cottages and Mediterranean homes.

Mogan Gran Canaria is also home to many hotels, holiday rentals and private villas, this is not a built up area and retains that village feel.

The choice you have here for accommodation is second to none and the higher up you go, the more amazing the views are.

Throughout Puerto de Mogan you will here various languages being spoken.

The marina is a hub of activity and brings in yachts from all around the world before they set sail to the Caribbean and South America.

You have a great choice of activities to fill your time up in Mogan Gran Canaria.

The marina is a must visit, snorkeling and scuba diving shows you the magic of what lies beneath the surface of the sea and less than 3 miles away is the Anfi Tauro golf course.

Food and drink in Puerto de Mogan is a blend of local, mainland and international cuisine.

Italian, Spanish, Indian and Asian restaurants can all be found in the village.

There are many places to choose to visit in Gran Canaria, Puerto de Mogan, if not holidaying here, is a place to add to the must visit list.

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