Looking for Things to do in Maspalomas?

Looking for Things to do in Maspalomas?

When looking for things to do in Maspalomas you have great options. With Maspalomas having lots of coastline you have some awesome water activities.

As you come away from the beach, there are also many things to do in Maspalomas to keep you occupied on your Gran Canaria holiday.

Things to do in Maspalomas

Camel Rides - This is a must for all the family! Head across the sand dunes on one of the most popular activities to do in Maspalomas.

The camel rides in Maspalomas are the best way of seeing the dunes and last for around 30 minutes. For more information click here: Maspalomas Camel Rides

Things to Do in Maspalomas

Surf School - Surfing just looks fun to watch but having a go at it whilst in Maspalomas is well worth a go at.

The Surf School here not only provide you with all you surf equipment but teach you all the techniques to get you on the waves. For more information click here: Maspalomas Surf School

Quad Biking - Fun, fast and a great experience. There is so much to see and do in Maspalomas and as you rally around the the tracks away from the mainstream sights you get to see some awesome places!

Scuba & Snorkelling - As you wander along the stunning coastline of Maspalomas you cannot help but wonder what it all looks like beneath the ocean.

There are many scuba and snorkelling operators here and is a unique insight to the marine life that so many of us don’t see.

Relaxing - For most of us going to Maspalomas, it’s all about relaxing. What perfect way to unwind than at a spa.

You have some great places to have a spa day in Maspalomas and there’s nothing wrong with treating ourselves every now and then.

Beach Day - With 4 sectors to Maspalomas Beach, it’s one of the best places to go for those who love a beach day.

Be it a family day out or just somewhere to take a book and forget the world, Maspalomas beach is the ideal place to that.

Dining - Maspalomas has some fantastic restaurants. A range of local, seafood and international cuisine can be found here.

Restaurants for all budgets, dining in Maspalomas is perfect for a romantic meal to a slap up meal with the family.

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