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Month: March 2016

An awesome island : Ibiza

Do you want to enjoy a blue sky on a perfect beach ? Ibiza is a perfect location to relax. What can you see in Ibiza? On Ibiza the sea is your playground. All of the main resort beaches have… Continue Reading…

private tours of Rome and Top travel sites to visit in Rome

Advantages booking private Rome tour guide: If you have ever been on a tour on a large bus, then you have first hand experience at how unflexible this type of tour can be. Private Tours shine because they offer a… Continue Reading…

Top travel locations to visit with cheap travelfrom TravelPony

Searching after trendy new travel places ? Here is my top 5 travel destinations: A spectacular rugged landscape, the Calvia coastline extends 50 kilometers winding around foothills, cliffs, and bays. This area boasts many excellent beaches and remote isles, beckoning… Continue Reading…