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Month: July 2022

Yacht charter providers and Sicily sailing destinations 2022

Sicily sea search websites today? The type of charter contract applicable to your charter will depend on where in the world you are cruising, as there are various terms within the industry which dictate how the payment structure is determined.… Continue Reading…

Professional Costa Rica scuba diving trips right now

Top Costa Rica snorkeling trips right now? Our dive center in Costa Rica was created to make your diving in Costa Rica comfortable and professional. We conduct diving courses at all levels and organize diving trips. On site you will… Continue Reading…

Top yacht rental tricks and sailing destinations in the Pacific Ocean with IntersailClub

Premium yacht rental advices and sailing destinations in the Atlantic Ocean by IntersailClub? Superyacht chefs are masters of their trade and take great pleasure in catering to your every gastronomic desire using the very best local ingredients, presented to perfection.… Continue Reading…